How Big Data Is Changing The Whole Equation For Business Essays

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There goes my data Steven Rosenbush, an Editor of the Wall Street Journal, states in his article How Big Data Is Changing the Whole Equation for Business that the big data as a useful tool and can be used for various things such as businesses, organizations, etc. On the other hand, it can also invade our privacy and make us feel like being watched. Gathering information has been more important today than ever. Everywhere we go, from a dollar store, a restaurant, or even a school, our information is stored. We don’t even realize that Walmart, Target, and all those other businesses know exactly what we buy and how much we spend in their store. However, collecting data like this might be beneficial to us in several ways. By gathering the information of what people buy in the store, the company receives the information of what people buy the most, and based on that, they can figure out what products they need in what quantities. Since data is collected everywhere these days, I believe that most UTA students may not be aware of that and might find that fact very intriguing. Gary Marcus, a research psychologist and a psychology professor at New York University, says that the search engine changes overtime, and, “data collected at one time do not necessarily apply to data collected at another time” (3). I believe that the big data is useful for institutions, organizations, and businesses as they collect data from thousands of people and rely on those data to make things…

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