Essay about How And Effect Our Society And Its Role With The Environment

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How to Reduce Consumption There is a cause and effect with our society and its role with the environment. The idea is centralized around the question of what our society does to create or worsen problems concerning the environment. For the most part of human history, we have lived as hunter-gatherers until about 200 years ago when the industrial age begun and countries began to develop machinery to extract resources at a more efficient speed and less labor-intensive, which lead to an explosive economic boost as well. While things such as water or forestry are renewable, due to human activities and the rate of extraction renewable resources may longer be an option. It is believed by many scientists that people have overshot earth 's capacity for natural capital in order to meet the demands set by the current human population. However, where there is a problem, there ought to be solutions. In order to limit consumption, yet still maintain economic growth, we must look at changing business policies, educating members of society about different ways to help protect the planet, and how one person can make a difference. I=PAT: the environmental impact(I) reflects a society 's population(P), its levels of affluence(A), and its level of technology. In hunter-gatherer societies, people were submissive to the environment because they did not have the means to forecast weather, or create explosives to blow up mountains for raw materials at the rate we do. Instead, they had to live…

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