How African American Language Is Not Ruining The English Language

720 Words Mar 6th, 2016 3 Pages
Appeal to expert opinions, anecdotes, and illustrations are used by MacNeil, effectively allowing the audience of middle-class, educated people who read USA Today to see why dialects and local accents are not destroying the English language to an extent as they can understand it and relate to MacNeil, but can also discredit him as he frequently goes to biased expert opinions.

MacNeil often goes to expert opinion to justify his points. To defend a point about why African American language is not ruining the English language, MacNeil says, “to linguists, the fault lies not in a particular dialect, but in what attitudes others bring towards it” (310). This means that dialects are not the problem, but those who choose to be disgusted with them are. He also says “In the linguistic community, black English is recognized as having its own internal consistencies and grammatical forms” (310). This proves that African American Language is not ruining the English language as it is an effective form of communicating. I chose these quotes to show the ineffectiveness of this rhetorical device to certain members of the audience as they don’t know who the linguists are and if they can be trusted, so they will not be persuaded by it. This will be my first point in my essay.
However, these quotes show that the rhetorical device can be seen as effective as certain members of the audience (maybe the less educated) believe everything said by experts, even if they don’t know who the experts…

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