Essay about How Accurate Was the New World

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how historically accurate is the new world
1.) How historically accurate was the movie you watched? How do you know? Did any inaccuracies affect your perception of history?
The new world was accurate for the most part, but there were few inaccuracies that occurred during the movie. For one, it is not historically proven that the relationship between Pocahontas and John Smith was a romance relationship, as portrayed in the movie. In The New World, Smith leaves Jamestown because of orders from the king, when in reality it has been proven he left Jamestown in 1609 because of a wounded knee when his powder horn exploded. In the movie Pocahontas is shown being given over to the settlers, this is inaccurate because Pocahontas was kidnapped
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These inaccuracies did affect my perception of history, because the reality is that they had it much harder than it was shown, not everything was handed to them, and they faced many obstacles along the way, to succeed as a colony in unknown regions.
2.) 2.) What was the point or thesis of you film? What themes was it trying to communicate to its audience?
The point of The New World was to reenact the story of Jamestown, how it came to be, and all the struggles the settlers had to go through, in order to become a town in a new, vast, and unknown territory. The movie wanted to show it in a historical way, with real scenarios, and situations, rather then the love story Pocahontas by Disney. The struggle for survival was one of the main points of the movie, showing struggles both sides faced in order to survive, as well as things crucial for their own survival on both side. Learning another person’s ways in order to understand their act, and what drives them to do what they do, or not judging a book by its cover, like when John smith lived with the Indians after captivity, or Pocahontas, after being kidnapped give up a space of land. And patriotism, how either side would do anything for its people, cheat, maneuvers, and even kill.

3.) How did the "whites" in your film deal with living in a vast, untapped

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