How A Personal Construct Can Change And Develop Through Fourteen Different Corollaries

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Personal constructs are beliefs that individuals form based off how they anticipate interacting with others, how that actually interact with others and how they perceive their interactions. They are personal beliefs, theories, of how the world operates; that for automatically. It is possible for personal constructs to change and develop through eleven different corollaries: construction, experience, individuality, choice, sociality, commonality, organization, dichotomy, range, modulation and fragmentation. One of my personal constructs is: if I am nice to others, they will like me. I am going to use to illustrate how a personal construct can change by the different corollaries The first of which is the construction corollary. By anticipating events, individuals can replicate their construction. Looking for patterns and expecting events to repeat themselves can affect the development of a personal construct. I believe that if I am nice people will like me. I have a couple of friends who spend time in the cafeteria on the Rockville campus with a large group of people who I really don’t know, when I have also hung out there I have smiled and laughed, and overall being a nice person. Now, whenever I go there many of the people I have met go out of their way to talk to me. The experience corollary is when a personal construct has to change slightly due to new experiences. My construct changed along the lines of this corollary because of strangers on the…

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