Essay on Hotel Rwanda

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EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks

Diversity and Appreciating Differences

Watch one of the movies listed below. Then, write a one-page (double-spaced, 12 pt. font) paper describing your reaction to the movie. Include what you have learned from watching this film.

|Babel |
|Best in Show |
|Black Robe |
|Borat |
|Brokeback Mountain |
|City of God |
|Crash |
|District 9 |
|Friday Night Lights (not the TV show)
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Was it because they didn’t want to start an even bigger war?

Paul R a Hutu is a manager at a Belgian owned luxury motel in Kigali, he is married to a Tutsi and his children are considered mixed. When the mass killing begins, Paul’s Tutsi neighbors run to his house. Paul takes them in an he is able to bring his family an his neighbor to the Belgian hotel. Soon after Paul reach the hotel other refugees try to enter, he let them enter many are killed, As the violence worsens, the UN withdraws most of its peacekeeping force (there to implement the Arusha Accords that ended the civil war), leaving roughly 300 soldiers behind. Foreign governments send in troops, but only to evacuate their citizens, many of whom are guests at the hotel. The head of the UN peacekeeping force, distraught over the withdrawal of his troops, tells Paul to look at himself from a Western perspective to try and understand why the international community has abandoned them: "You're black. You're not even a nigger. You're an African; even without the UN help Paul was able to save a total of 1,268 innocent people on his own.

I learned from the movie that it just take one strong man or woman to take a stand firm for what’s right , have courage and justice will be served ,they may not be able to bring back the death of many people but they can ensure the lives of the next. As well I learned that the distinction between the Hutu and Tutsi were

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