Horizontal, Vertical and Internal Communication in an Organization

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Technical Report Writing – Summer 2011

Horizontal, Vertical and Internal Communication in an Organization

Research Paper submitted to: Professor Pacelli Eugenio

Renory L. Bilugan

Table of Contents: Page
I. Introduction 2
II. Body of the Report 3
a. Vertical and Horizontal Communication
b. Internal Communication
1. Memos
a. Definition of a Memo
b. Purpose of a Memo
c. Audience Analysis
d. General Format
e. Common Types of Memos
i. Directive ii. Response to an Inquiry iii. Trip Report iv. Field/Lab Reports
2. Advice letter (to Staff or other departments
3. Company Policy Updates
III. Conclusion 22
IV. Recommendation 23
V. Personal Reaction
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Larkin and Larkin (1994) found low levels of satisfaction with all the strategies commonly used to enhance upward communication, including employee surveys, suggestion programs, employee grievance programs, and employee participation programs such as quality circles and team meetings. Gibson and Hodgetts (1991:268-69) note several management-based reasons for this lack of satisfaction, particularly that these strategies often do not involve two-way communication, are not packaged well, are poorly timed, and are apt to trigger defensiveness on the part of managers. In addition, McCelland (1988) found a number of employee-based reasons why upward communication tends to be poor, including: o Fear of reprisal – people are afraid to speak their minds o Filters – employees feel their ideas/concerns are modified as they get transmitted upward o Time – managers give the impression that they don’t have the time to listen to employees
Horizontal Communication can be defined as the information exchange between departments or functional units as means of coordinating their activities. Horizontal communication is when people on the same hierarchical level communicate between departments or functional units. Horizontal communication provides unified vision and direction, accurate feedback and the ability to implement change

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