Hope Springs, An Entertaining And Exhilarating Movie Essays

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Hope Springs is an entertaining and heartwarming movie about an older couple named Kay and Arnold. Kay and Arnold have been married for thirty-one years; they raised children together, bought a house together, and shared their adult lives with each other. Although the beginning of their marriage was filled with passion and intimacy, all that remains is their commitment to each other. Kay convinces Arnold to go on a couple’s intensive therapy retreat because she is no longer satisfied with their relationship and wants to save their marriage. The movie Hope Springs portrays many aspects of personal development and romantic relationships in later adulthood.
Positive and negative stereotypes surround the older community despite their accuracy. In the movie Hope Springs, Arnold is rude, sarcastic, and he rarely laughs or smiles. He is portrayed as a grumpy older man which is a negative stereotype of aging (Hillier and Borrow, 2015, p.36). He is also cheap and complains about having to spend money; when they went to a restaurant he did not want to order the special because it was a dollar more. Kay represents more of a positive stereotype of aging because she is cheerful and independent (Hillier and Borrow, 2015, p.36). When Kay confronts Arnold and tells him she wants to go to intensive couple’s therapy he disagrees with her and believes that it is unnecessary. He says that she should go see a doctor, and blames her hormones for the way she is feeling. Arnolds…

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