Honor Killing of Muslim Women Essay

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Honor Killings of Muslim Women

Introduction Killings in the name of honor are undoubtedly a disaster, an unlawful act, a terror against humanity. Honor Killings of Muslim women is an antique trend followed in Islam in which male members of family and social community deliberately kill women and girls of their family or tribes as a result of belief that they have conducted any shameful act and ruined the reputation of family or tribe. Honor Killings in Muslims has been inherited from the ancient tribal days of 1200 BC when no major religion was came into being thus honor killing has no direct relation to Religion. The concept of Honor Killings has developed as a result of several attitudes in culture based on classes and background,
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On the contrary Islam teaches to avoid punishment if there is a scope and does not consider pregnancy as an evidence of shameful sexual act. This is unfortunate that such terrible acts are false fully supported by few Islamic scholars who tend to justify these activates with respect to Islam. For instance; as per the saying of the Messenger of God in Islam that one should stop the crime with his own hands if he/she see it happening. These kinds of statements are misperceived by these scholars and play a vital role in encouraging honor killings of Women. These scholars promote the point of view of taking law into hands and treating women as an object (Mufti. N. M. et al., 2012, pp. 180-185). One of the popular examples set by the honor-killing victim named as Mukhtar Mai from Punjab, Pakistan, whose brother was claimed of raping a girl from upper caste family, thus, it was decided by the tribe to punish her bother in form of a revenge in which Mukhtar Mai was raped by a gang in order to satisfy the other party and then was forced to commit suicide, so that her family restore their pride and honor. But Mukhtar Mai decided not to kill her self rather to fight against injustice. She belonged to a poor and illiterate culture, which was a real hindrance in her case and today she is running a school for women to educate them to raise voice against honor killings and injustice. She is a true figure for women in Pakistan who have been gang raped, spoiled faces with acid, and

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