Hong Leong Essay

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Job Title: Practice Manager

Location: Practice

Responsible to: Clinical Director/Regional Director

Job Objectives/Purpose

Oversee the smooth and efficient organisation of the practice administration. To ensure all company procedures as set out in Branch Procedures Manual** are carried out effectively. To ensure all financial information is reported correctly and accurately to Support Office and administrative protocols are in place.
Ensure the reception area is staffed effectively and the management and efficiency/co-ordination is managed to be best needs of the business. Ensure that all employees are aware of the fact that all clients are to pay on departure and with the Clinical
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• Understand the application and general care of standard office equipment, including furniture, filing systems, photocopier, franking machine, calculators, computers and printers.

• Be aware of telecommunications options available to practices, their application, selection and general cost, and be able to train staff in the use of such systems.

• Be able to control office stock including stationery, stamps and other consumables.

• Be able to liaise with tradesmen and arrange for the monitor repairs and minor alterations to practice premises, e.g. plumbing and heating repairs, electrical maintenance, flooring repairs etc.

• Be able to prepare and implement veterinary staff and support staff rotas for adequate staff coverage.

• Be able to prepare, review or evaluate practice manuals/staff handbooks, protocols and standards, with professional consultation where necessary.

• Understand and be able to implement effective communication within the practice to include organising and chairing meetings and preparing minutes, written staff communications and problem solving.

Computer Usage

• Have a basic understanding of computer (PC) terminology and the necessary hardware components of a stand alone and networked computer system, including different types of printers, back up systems, portable computers and other media. Understand the types

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