Hong Leong Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study

Corporate social responsibility of Hong Leong Financial Group
Hong Leong Foundation is incorporated in 1992 as the charitable arm of Hong Leong group. The foundation funded from the Hong Leong Group Malaysia and conduct the philanthropic activities on behave of Hong Leong Group (HongLeong, 2010).

The mission of the Hong Leong Foundation is to contribute to the alleviation of poverty in Malaysia through sustainable and effective programs that improve educational outcomes for low incomes students and provide financial support for alleviating the plight of the abandoned and destitute elderly and children (HongLeong, 2010) .The Foundation has contribute to the community in the form of scholarship to the underprivileged student and also donated
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Several school such as SJKC Yu Hua, SJKC Kuo Min and SJKT Durian Tunggal is benefit from this program.

The Hong Leong Foundation offer non-bonded scholarship to the students from low income families or having disabilities who wanted to pursue tertiary study or master degree. RM2, 000,000 is allocated yearly for scholarship grants to the public. Besides this, to ensure the students can success in the current environment several program such as Leadership Camps and structured internship is organized for the student to participate (Foundation,
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The main function of the board is
• Approve and review the Company’s corporate mission and strategies.
• Oversee the conduct of the company’s business to evaluate the business is managed properly.
• Identify the principal risks and hold the decision of implementing suitable system to control the risks.
• Review and approve specific investment, divestment, and material before implementation.
• To ensure the Company has the sufficient resources to achieve the goal.
• Review the adequacy and integrity of the Company’s internal control and management system and ensure it is compliance with the laws and regulations.

Role of the Chairman
The chairman is the person who responsible for coordination the activities which has been discuss and agree by the board.

The main function of the chairman

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