Hong Kong Tourism Industry And Literature Study Essays

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LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) tourism is a term to replace ‘gay tourism’. They usually open-minded with their sexual orientation and gender identity. (Hughes, 2004)

Over the past decade, Hong Kong has been relying too much on the mainland visitors since the Individual Visit Scheme in 2003. However, Hong Kong residents are resisting to receive more mainland travelers because of the cultural differences and government policies. While nowadays, many countries start targeting the LGBT tourism, Hong Kong can follow the examples and find out the possibility of tapping LGBT market.

In this reflective assignment, it will first briefly to review the Hong Kong tourism industry and literature study. Then to analyze the external and internal environment, to identify the potential threats and opportunities. Finally giving some recommendations.
Hong Kong Tourism Industry Review
In August 2016, the total visitor arrivals were 5,086,496. And majority of them were came from Mainland China, owned for 4,037,005. However, when comparing with August 2015, both total visitor arrivals and Mainland visitor arrivals had been decreased with a percentage of 9.4% and 11.3%. Moreover, the overall visitor arrivals of the short haul market and new market are showing a downward trend. However the long haul market is rising for 0.7%, those countries are the United States, France and Germany etc. The rate of visitor arrivals of Netherlands and France are relatively large.

In January to…

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