Honey Bees : An Test Of Time And Proving That Cozy Games Essay example

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Meta: Standing the test of time and proving that Cozy Games has what it takes to create a truly classic online slots title, Honey Bees is still going strong. Long after its release, Honey Bees is still the real deal and here’s why!

Honey Bees Review

For a while, the online casino industry was all about insects, in fact you couldn’t move for them within the world of online slots. While the trend may have subsided now, it is certainly worth taking a look back at the game that kicked things off. Honey Bee might have received a rerelease, but the original Cozy Games title is still very much available to players who want to give it a try. The following looks at the original Honey Bees too see how it holds up in today’s ruthlessly modern and fiercely competitive online slots environment.

Cute, cuddly, and classic

From a design perspective, Honey Bees is nothing short of adorable, as the artists over at Cozy Games made this look as cute as possible. We are deep in honey here, as the background of this game is the honeycombs that would be found in a beehive. There are sunflowers on the top of the reels and to the left/right of the reels, which really help cement this games chirpy and upbeat nature.

Letting the sun shine through

Speaking of the sunflowers, they also make the jump onto the reels, along with other symbols such as bears, honey jars, the beekeeper, the bees, a beehive, a Queen Bee, and a beekeeper. There are no “standard” letter/number symbols in Honey Bees, as…

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