Essay on Homosexuality Is A Choice Of Homosexuality

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Homosexuality Is a Choice Homosexuality is the sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one 's own sex. The term gay is frequently used referring to a homosexual; female homosexuality is often referred to as lesbianism ("Homosexuality Definition |"). More common is heterosexuality which is a sexual feeling or behavior directed toward a person or persons of the opposite sex ("Heterosexuality | Definition of Heterosexuality at"). Today people use the term straight to refer to a man or women that are sexually attracted to the opposite sex. In today 's society, it is common to hear of homosexual men and women. In the United States the gay community is growing rapidly year to year. Many people believe that homosexuality is genetically based; However, it is a choice determined by one 's surroundings and lifestyles. In the 19th century, homosexuality was observed as a sickness that originated in heredity. Also, psychologists characterized it as a result of conflicts of psychosexual development, including identification with the parent of the opposite sex. Other possible origins are social influences and complications in fetal development (Homosexuality." Britannica School). Homosexuals insist that no choice is involved in sexual orientation they are driven by genes or environmental conditioning or so they claim. A study on the gay brothers and their families were performed in the 90’s by Dean Hamer and his…

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