Homophobia In Jamaica Essay

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Homophobia in Jamaica
Due to gay rights, there is a exceedingly high crime rate in Jamaica. Jamaica has the world’s highest murder rate and citizens can’t rely on police protection because protection is generally poor. Most of the country is Christian, therefore they find LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) to be sinful. People of gay background are less likely to find homes or be hired for jobs. Jamaica is the most homophobic country in the world.
There is an extensive amount of groups all with the same goal; to improve safety of people in the LGBT community. LGBT is a movement that is trying to advocate full acceptance of LGBT people in our society. One of the most well known is The Human Rights Watch. This group is known
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Known for it’s physical and sexual violence towards gays and lesbians and high murder rates, the Human Rights Groups have been obligated to step up and start doing more for the protection of people. One of the most well known gay rights activists in the country was recently killed by a mob. A majority of the murders done in Jamaica are done by mobs to instill fear and protest against gays and lesbians. These protests happen in front of the public in public regions for everyone to see including police, yet, they do nothing about it. Sometimes the police even join in and help the citizens when participating in mob-like activities.
Most of the music in Jamaica goes against gay rights. Jamaicans are especially well known for having such an interest in music and they take it seriously and listen to what they are saying. A popular Jamaican musician named Buju Banton has drawn interest in his lyrics which are believed to support the murder of gay men. “Lyrics threatening death to gays by popular dancehall artists have become much less common since the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica”. (The

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