Homo Habilis Essay

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Homo Habilis
Hominids with a brain absolutely and relatively larger than that of the australopithecines appeared about 2.3 million years ago. These hominids are classified in our own genus: Homo. The earliest species to appear was the Homo Habilis. It was the first of our ancestors to show a significant increase in brain size and also the first to be found associated with stone tools. These characteristics resulted in this species’ placement into the human genus, Homo.
The first fossil was found in 1960 when a team led by scientists Louis and Mary Leakey uncovered the fossilized remains of a unique early human at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania.
Because this early human had a combination of features different from those seen in
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habilis was not the master hunter its sister species (or descendants) proved to be, as fossil evidence indicates H. habilis was part of the diet of large predatory animals, such as Dinofelis, a large predatory cat the size of a jaguar.
H. habilis used tools primarily for scavenging, such as cleaving meat off carrion, rather than defense or hunting.
The climate was constantly changing and this may have been the impetus for new feeding strategies that included scavenging and tool use.
They always stayed in groups with at least one awake at all times to keep guard. They hunted and ate by ganging up on the prey and killing them by force. They would pounce on their prey when hunting alone. If one was alone it was more likely not to find food.
To communicate, the Homo habilis used grunts and primitive gestures to speak. They were also able to problem solve and plan ahead.
Homo Habilis were usually on the move to find food, so they did not stay in one place for very long. But, when they did needed to make or find shelter, they used cliffs, hills, and fallen trees. A typical question is: "Couldn't they have used caves for shelter?" They didn't use caves because there were animals in there, possibly dangerous, like saber toothed cats.
In this phase of human evolution is where the concept of family and team work first emerged. Why? This is when the first early humans taught and helped each other with important activities such as the construction of

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