Essay on Homelessness vs. Houselessness

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IT’S NOT HOMELESSNESS RATHER IT IS HOUSELESSNESS The working class people look at homeless people as a mass, a pack of individuals that the working class people label such a pack as the homeless, the same as characterizing who they are, nevertheless the working class people disregard the direction of silent remark to realize that homelessness may simply be houselessness part the people. People that have financial hardship and social handicaps typically are neglected as a result of their poverty situation addition to now being homeless living beside bridges. Throughout history, greater than two million people or nearly one percent of the US population, were homeless. “Homelessness stems from a lack of affordable housing. Increasing …show more content…
Homelessness and houselessness are very similar. Homelessness means you do not have the things that make up a home. Many of our homeless people are working class people who travel out on business, living in a hotel. They are no different from the working class homeless. Houselessness is what makes them uniquely different. The working class homeless lacks having a structure that is contractually built. They lack housing that is within an acceptable budget. Burklo (2005) wrote that “A few homeless people aren’t indigenous-they are on the streets temporarily, as a result of a personal disaster of a transitory nature.” (p. 5). Our working class homeless people are simply unable to pay for housing, food, Obama care, or even continued education. Most of our working class is unable to afford these things. There are shelters that are trying to provide assistance to our working class homeless. Many of the shelters or available housing may be in different cities because smaller cities many times are unable to provide the necessary resources to assist their people homeless. Well the working class homeless sometime will never live their habitat. They develop a comfort in known where they are, how to so what survive right where they are located. There is a discomfort with trying to go out and learn new surroundings and a new people. In our current economy which is suffering not

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