Homelessness Among The Community Of Drug Addicts Essay

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Righteous Dopefiend addresses the issue of homelessness among the community of drug addicts in San Francisco, California. Being homeless is one of the many issues that encompass the reality of these dopefiend’s daily lives. Anthropologists Bourgois and Schonberg articulate a better understanding for the readers to observe the lives of those who live on the streets and have an uncontrollable drug addiction. “Moral economy” as described in this book is a means of everyday survival—this gift exchange culture is central to the lives of these addicts. They share drugs with one another with the expectation that they will receive the same aid in the future. Partnerships such as the “moral economy” is life-saving for the subjects in this book because it creates an emotional support group that gives them reliance on one another and gives the subjects an opening to be dependent on one another as they are all financially unstable.
Heroin addicts have a strong physiological dependence operating at the level of basic cellular processes. These addicts have a strong capacity to endure chronic pain and anxiety, violent assaults, and lack of family sustenance. The moral economic culture that has become a norm for these communities has aided their means of survival by providing emotional support for one another. “Despite their bickering, Al and Sonny enjoyed one another’s company and were often publicly affectionate” (Bourgois and Schonberg, 2009:46). Al and Sonny’s relationship is an example…

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