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Appeal to ignorance
Fallacy is a mistake with a reasoning argument; it is invalid and appealed to good. No matter how does the fallacy have a strong reason, it is still wrong. Appeal to ignorance argument is a kind of fallacy, which means a proposition is true because nothing can prove it is wrong or you can’t provide evidence to prove it is false.
In logic, if a proposition is true, it must have enough evidence to be proved that it’s true, and then people should believe that it is true. On the other hand, if people have enough evidences to prove that this proposition is false, this proposition is false. Here is the third: appeal to ignorance-no evidence can be proved that it’s true or false. Then it must be true or false.
First, “I
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The atheists and theists against for a long time, atheists insist that there is no god or ghost in the world because no one sees it. And the theists say that people can’t prove god and ghost non-existent, the god and ghost must be exist. The argument in the picture is wrong because people can’t believe that an argument is true due to nothing against. Maybe it is false just you haven’t find evidences yet. This picture teaches us that never trust an argument easily due to nothing against it.
Finally, the argument of appeal to ignorance is false or true based of a lack of evidence. To prove an argument from a lack of evidence is hard for people. If there are enough evidences, then we can accept the conclusion, if not, it’s still a fallacy. For instance, Senator Joe McCarthy pointed that: "I do not have much information on Case 40 except the general statement of the agency… that there is nothing in the files to disprove his Communist connections”(Richard H. Rovere, Senator Joe McCarthy, 1960 pp. 106-107). Some times we can’t disprove an proposition because of a lack of evidence, it doesn’t mean this argument is right, it may be wrong, but we have to accept its conclusion.
From this logic course, I know that there are so many fallacies around our life. We have to argue something based on two sides. An argument, which you can’t disprove, may be wrong, only because you don’t have enough evidence to support prove it. Logic is a course that teaches

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