Home Is A Safe Place Essay examples

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Home is supposed to be a safe place, a sanctuary, somewhere a child can relax, but what if that house, that place the child rests their head, is racketed with scream filled arguments between parents, thoughts of worthlessness and death, and fear of the next beating? This, unfortunately, happens to many children throughout the United States. Children go through these problems every day and many of them have no safe way to cope. These children might find comfort in unsafe activities, like drugs and risky behavior, but they don’t have to. I think about these kids every day, I use to be one, but I have been given help and pulled myself out of the darkness these children can find themselves in and when I grow up, I hope I can do help others that are in these situations. That’s why, with the high percentage of parental divorce and growing percent of children caught in abusive living conditions and depression rates connected to teenagers, one cannot simply look away from the positive aspects a school psychologist could bring to a child 's life.
Marriage, the legal and mostly religious binding of two people into one party. In theory, it is a wonderful concept, everlasting love, commitment, and bringing a child into the world who is raised upon these last two ideals, but what if there is a misconnect somewhere. What if the love ends, the commitment is broken, or a child is raised without these ideals? What is marriage then? Marriage becomes a tool just to prolong the eminent divorce.…

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