Home Burial By Robert Frost Essay

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Every family goes through something that might end in a disaster, but other go through life events that could end a family in a matter of minutes. In the poem “Home Burial,” by Robert Frost, a young couple has to go through a terrible process of burring their baby on their home property. Any couples that has to go through this process is put through the ringer, and their life is turned upside down. Living with that person is not the same as it was before the baby’s death, and their marriage is also impacted in a negative way. Even though the poem is about a baby getting buried, it is also about a marriage getting buried in the same process. Looking at the way the poem is written one would think that the poem itself is written about the grieving family, and the readers would be correct. Any family or parents that have to go through the process of burring their child says it is one of the hardest things they ever did, and their family is never the same after. In the poem “Home Burial,” this tragedy is most evident in the lines of the poem.” She turned and sank upon her skirts at that and her face changed from terrified to dull.” The women in this poem is grieving for the loss of her child, and it is tarring her apart. The father in the story doesn’t act as the mother dose, his grieving process is much more silent and not spoken. “‘You oh, you think the talk is all. I must go— somewhere out of this house. How can I make you—?’” The father wants to leave the house that his…

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