Essay about Holocaust : The Holocaust And Holocaust

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“My father and I were so close. And because of the way he died, that he never left me.”- Elie Wiesel. During the holocaust many people were affected especially Jews. They were thrown into concentration camps where they were forced to work and starved. Many Jews died but there were also some survivors how did these people find the will to live? Well, Jews during the holocaust were alone at least most of them were, with little motivation others struggled along full of motivation faith, family, friends or just flat out a fear of death, one of the biggest motivations for Jews and those affected by the holocaust were there families.
There were so many different groups of people affected by the Holocaust. Holocaust victims who went into the concentration camps had more of a motivation so they were more likely to survive/have more motivation to live. Many people who survived the holocaust had someone who is or was with them the whole time they were in the camp whether that be a family member or friend. Others started out strong but felt better on their own. Like a boy and his dad that had been with each other until the boy tried to leave his father, he got stomach cramps and died either by being trampled or shot by the SS. Later the dad was still trying to find his son, but ellie didn’t have the heart to tell him what had happened and the dad later ended up losing his faith and motive to live without his son he felt he had no one to live for. But as for Elie at that point his…

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