Holiday Hunt In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Holiday season is in full swing at Camelot, King Arthur and his Queen along with the Knights of the Round Table, are all there to enjoy the festivities of the Christmas season to be enjoyed within the hall. “It was Christmas in Camelot—King Arthur’s court, where great and the good land had gathered, the right noble lords of the ranks of the Round Table all roundly carousing and reveling in pleasure. “ (36 - 40). This was an opportunity for the King to bond with his knights, and have fun and exchange gifts, openly. “ ‘Noel’ they cheered then “Noel, Noel,” “New Years Gifts?” The knights cried next as they pressed forwards to offer their presents, teasing with frivolous favors and forfeits,”(65-67). Martin …show more content…
Have I won your praise?”(1379). Sir Gawain gives a single kiss, which he received from Lady Bertilak, he does not reveal how or who he got it from, that was not part of their pact. Britton J. Harwood author of “Gawain and the Gift” summarizes the hunt “ After Bertilak kills the boar, he years to give to Gawain (1620), who with only two kisses to show fro the day, will again acknowledge that Bertilak has won great ‘prestige’ (1630). Since Gifts are given for interested motives, the lord is tickled to think he is making Gawain “ryche”(1646) (Harwood). The final hunt takes place “when prestige is a t stake, however there is only one sense; and Bertilak is disgusted on the third evening to have no more than a foul fox to return for Gawain’s three kisses.” (Harwood). I agree with Harwood when he says “the gift occupies the center of the poem, not only in the exchange of winnings but also in those passages, on butchering the deer and the boar. And it occurs in Gawain’s courtesy matches with Bertilak’s wife. “ (Harwood). Sir Gawain held back on the third day of giving one gift, he kept a green girdle that was given to him by lady Bertilak, she explained “for the body which is bound within the green belt as long as it is buckled robustly about him, will be safe against anyone who seeks to strike

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