Holden Caulfield 's The Catcher Of The Rye Essay

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Throughout our lives, all human beings are forced to navigate from the world of our carefree simplistic childhoods to the more terrifying complex world of adulthood. For most people, this journey is fearsome and full of struggles and obstacles that they must overcome in order to venture to the other side. No matter how difficult this journey is, growing up and becoming an adult is necessary for our life experience. In the novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, the main character Holden Caulfield struggles with the concept of becoming an adult and leaving his childhood behind. Like most people, Holden tries to find an outlet for releasing his fears about growing up. One of Holden’s most important coping mechanisms is isolating himself from others. In his conversation with Sally Hayes, Holden Caulfield’s demonstration of trying to isolate himself from the world around him, connects to the novel’s main theme of isolationism as a form of protection. In Holden Caulfield’s conversation with Sally Hayes, Holden tries to lure Sally into leaving everything behind and running away with him. He proposes that he borrow a friend’s car, that they live off of his money until it runs out, and that they marry. This impromptu plan of Holden’s is significant because it shows just how desperate Holden is to isolate himself in an attempt to avoid his inevitable maturation. The fact that Holden would ask Sally Hayes, who he deems “phony” to run away with also signifies just how…

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