Hobbes View Of The State Of Nature Essay

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In this paper I will be assessing Hobbes view of man in a state of nature and why it is not possible to agree with life in the state of nature if one disagrees with the all-powerful sovereign. Due to the many factors associated with the state of nature and the social contract, if one agrees with such it makes it nearly impossible to disagree with the need for a government with limitless powers. I will argue that if one agrees with life in the state of nature, then they must as well agree with Hobbes in regards to the necessity of an all powerful sovereign. One cannot agree with life in the state of nature and disagree with the all powerful sovereign simply because an all powerful sovereign is needed due to the way life functions in the state of nature. Thus if one agrees with what life is like in the state of nature then they must also agree with a sovereign with limitless powers.
Moreover, according to Hobbes, man in the State of Nature possesses seven claims. These seven claims of the State of Nature means, people by nature are equal, this produces fear, such fear leads to war, this state of war leads to preventive measures of attacks against neighbors, there are three principles of quarrel relating to such which are competition, fear and glory, in such state nothing is ‘unjust’ and thus there is no civilization. Due to all these claims, if humans were left to the State of Nature, humanity would cease to exist due to all the violence this state results in. One of the…

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