Explanation Of Law By Thomas Hobbes

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Hobbes wanted an absolute monarchy, he believed that people were wicked, selfish, and cruel and that they would act on behalf of their best interests, basically that the humans only think in our self’s, “Every man for every man” Hobbes said. But in the other side we have John Locke that he basically wanted a democracy, he said that since we were born we have certain inalienable rights, that are: life, liberty and the right to own property, he also believed that the people were by nature good and that they could be trusted to govern themselves.
Humans constantly need rules, laws and consequences, without them is very easy that people can do what they want. Without the laws the families wouldn’t act like a family there would not be fraternity
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So basically the conclusion is that if there were no laws it could be very difficult to have order and to everyone do the correct things, I think we could probably would not follow all the laws and the world would be a mess, because is very difficult to control ourselves, and as Hobbes said it is because we are naturally like this. But a thing that Hobbes and Locke were agree was that “people must give up some of their rights in order to gain protection and the security of basic rights.”
Good and evil are two concepts that the same man created, and with this concepts we can know now what is good and what is bad, what we can do and what we cannot do. So since the time that we are born the society tell us what are the bad things and what are the right things, and with this we are able to know what we are supposed to do and we know that if we do not follow the rules and the laws, not following them could give us consequences. But if we had followed the idea of Locke this could not exist, and I do not imagine a world without this, because for us is easy to break the
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We as humans always want to be the first ones, powerful ones, the smartest ones, and in most of the times we do not thing in what other people want or in what is the best for all. Is cruel to say it but most people only think in their selves and as Hobbes said “Every man for every man” ,we are constantly fighting with each other to reach our own goals or what we want, without looking in others necessities or in what other want.
His most basic argument is threefold. (Leviathan, xiii.3-9) (i) He thinks that we will compete, violently compete, to secure the basic necessities of life and perhaps to make other material gains. And that is very true because with no consequences the people will react like this, with no

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