Hmong And Modern Medical Treatments Essay example

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Medicine is a field that has evolved across edges. In the ancient ages, each society had its rules of medicine regarding the rampant infections that were in the geographical location that one lived. The morbidity and mortality factors are the triggering factors of finding the cure of the illnesses that one is likely to suffer from owing to the symptoms that they present. Though certain infections are only rampant in certain areas, most infections are universal. With the emergence of new infections over the years, there has been an evolution that is occurring in the field of medicine. The evolution takes credit for the current stark difference that is depicted in the modern and traditional methods of treatment. The traditional means of treatment are still driven by the culture beliefs while the modern ways of treatment are anchored on science. This paper dissects the compliments and contradictions between Hmong and modern medical treatments.
Hmong and Modern Medical Treatments
First, it is important to note that the Hmong have their healers called the txiv neebs. These are the doctors that perform various ritual activities and ceremonies on the sick to cure them of spiritual invasion or using herbs to treat ailments. The healing activities are usually done during ritual cleansing ceremonies. Some of the common ceremonies include those to dispel the ogre spirits, ceremony to separate this world from that of the afterlife, and the ceremony to appease the spirits above the big…

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