Hitler's Reign Of Terror Essay

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Adolf Hitler 's reign of terror was known in every country around the world during World War II. With his powerful speeches and charismatic personality he was able to rise to power very quickly in Nazi Germany, however no one knew this man would soon start another world war. Up to 1941, Hitler and Nazi army enjoyed a string of military successes, conquering most of Eastern Europe. During this time, Germany had always seen Russia as their main enemy because they were afraid of the Russians trying to expand toward central Europe. Even though they had a non aggression pact, it was mainly for show, giving Hitler time to overrun Eastern Europe without worrying about an attack from the East. Therefore, an invasion of the Soviet Union has been in …show more content…
When they were about to attack, Hitler said with confidence, “We only have to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down.” However Hitler and the Nazis underestimated their strength, courage and love for their motherland. Once the Soviets committed themselves to war, there was no stopping them.The Soviets were pushed back at first and the dictator of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, managed to build an army very quickly during that time. He waited for the Nazis to exhaust themselves and drop their guard, which was when they attacked. Stalin was very lucky to have some of the finest military minds on his sides, who were the decisive factor in many of the battles with the Germans. Another element that Hitler should have considered, was that the Russians were fighting on home soil, giving them an advantage. Supplying an army was easy and efficient for the Russians, meanwhile the Germans had to receive spare parts all the way from factories in Germany. At some points of the battle the German supply lines were strained to breaking point. When the Nazis first attacked, the Soviet Union came together and fought fearlessly to protect their land, using intelligence and bravery. However, the Soviets could not have beat the Germans without a little help from mother

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