Hitler 's Motives And Actions Essay

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A form of a fascist government, an anti-Semitic party and one deranged plan all formed by a maniacal man, Adolf Hitler. Hitler is elected into government due to a variety of circumstances that worried a numerous amount of citizens within Germany. As communists gained popularity, more people feared communism would become a dominant government system. Hitler opposed communism and therefore he deemed it appropriate for him to be the chancellor of the Third Reich of Germany. He was elected as chancellor and from that point onward fear is instilled into many around the world. To historians today, it is clear that the objective of Hitler 's plans were malicious. However, during the entirety of World War II, many did not question Hitler 's motives and actions. Civilians fail to understand Hitler 's actions due to the minority who opposed him, coercion of German society, intense use of propaganda, war and economy dynamics and media blackouts. Suprisingly, only the minority of the German population refused to conform to Hitler 's ways and thus formed resistance groups. The most famous act of resistance is the July Bomb Plot in 1944 executed by Claus Von Strauffenberg (Trueman). The July Bomb Plot consisted of Strauffenberg bombing Hitler 's East Prussian stronghold. There were also many other resisters other than Claude. Religious groups such as Catholics, Jews and Protestants opposed Adolf 's actions. Communists, Marxists and pacifists were among resistance groups that were…

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