Essay about Hitler 's Influence On The World War II

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Most people do not realize how close Hitler actually was to winning World War II. They assume that it was a quick and easy win for the Allied forces. What really in fact won the war for the Allies was the drastic mistakes Hitler himself made by always seeming to place his ideology before all strategic decisions. Hitler 's self centered personality led his decisions in Britain, Russia, and even in Germany to prove fatal to Germany 's war effort.
A vast majority of countries participated in the battles of World War II but only some did so in a large way. In the European campaign the main countries were Britain, France, the U.S., and the USSR who composed the Allies. Contrary to the Allies were the Axis powers of Germany and Italy. After World War I Germany was not able to have an army over the size of 100,000 men due to the Treaty of Versailles.(The German Army) In 1932 Hitler was declared Chancellor of Germany he had virtually no army. In 1935 Hitler introduced a military conscript program that allowed the German army to train up to 300,000 soldiers a year. By 1938 the German army had 36 infantry divisions made up of 600,000 men. The following year in 1939 there were 98 divisions in which 1.5 million men. As well as 9 panzer divisions each with 328 tanks that were ready to invade Poland.( The German Army) Alongside Hitler was Mussolini of Italy who had a fairly large amount of men at 3 million but lacked the weaponry to make them effective. Up against them they had Britain…

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