Hitler 's Anti Semitic Ideologies And The Aryan Race Essay examples

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During Hitler’s rule, Germany embraced in his anti-Semitic ideologies and the Aryan race flourished in regards to militarism and nationalism. Hitler placed a strong emphasis on the manipulation of youth as mentioned in one of his books ‘Mein Kampf’, ‘Whoever has the youth has the future.’ Hitler used the education system to portray Nazi views and school systems to glorify war. Youth Groups were created and propaganda and fear were blended in to manipulate the naïve children. The above ensured that Hitler produced a generation of blindly loyal Germans and ideal fighting soldiers. However, it did have its flaws as there were numerous resistance groups such as the ‘White Rose’, ‘Swing Kids’ and ‘Edelweiss Pirates’ who bravely rebelled against his ideologies. Although their actions voiced their opinions and anger, they were suppressed by the Nazi Regime, thus making the Nazi youth indoctrination one of the most successful aspects of Nazi Germany.
Education played an important role in spreading Nazi ideologies and aiming to produce a new generation of obedient and loyal German youth. Hitler believed that the key to control was to mould their way of thinking at an early age. After the Reich Ministry of Education took over the education system in 1934, the main two focusses for teachers are to encourage teamwork through physical education and to embed Nazi ideology in children’s minds. To ensure that the children were fully indoctrinated, Hitler placed special emphasis on…

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