Essay History Record And Managing A Swimming Apparel Company

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The following is a case study of Diana Nyad who is most known for being the first person confirmed to swim from Cuba to Florida. Diana Nyad suffered from sexual assault by the hands of her childhood coach. She channeled that energy into swimming developing a compulsive behavior that encouraged a self-inflicted torturous training. Nyad’s training resulted in breaking Penny Palfrey’s distance record for distance swimming. (“DianaNyad”Wikipedia.WikimediaFoundation,n.d.Web.) In this case history, I will express how Nyad developed some maladaptive tendencies and then illustrated successful results such as breaking a history record and managing a swimming apparel company.

Based on some research I did on Nyad’s history I came to the assumption Nyad may have suffered from Repression. Sigmund Freud mentions Repression in his theory as Anne Freud described it to be motivational forgetting. In an interview Nyad made known her coach molester her and the second time was an assault. She once expressed her feelings as shocked,

afraid, confused, and humiliated. Nyad used swimming as a stress reliever to escape reality in a sense of defeating the attacker. She used motivation in such a way that Nyad would relive the assault and reconstruct the actions that took place in a manner beneficial to her acceptance. Whether, she accomplished the full aspect of motivational forgetting is unknown. What I can determine is the attempt in forgetting the event was present in terms of reconstruction.…

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