History Of The ' Open Source ' Software Movement Essay

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Open Source Assignment
History of the “open source” software movement: 1. In the late 1970s through the early 1980s, two different groups established the roots of the current software movement. The two movements were The GNU project and the Free Software Foundation from the US east coast, and The Computer Science Research Group from the US west coast. The GNU project and the Free Software Foundation was created by Richard Stallman with the purpose of creating a free operating system. The Foundation used the GNU General Public License as a license to prohibit the claim of ownership over the software, but allowed redistribution and modification. The Computer Science Research Group of the University of California at Berkley added improvements the original unix operating system from AT&T, and established many applications which later became known as the “BSD Unix.” The efforts of this foundation were funded mainly by DARPA contracts. A substantial amount of unix hackers around the world helped to debug, cantina and improve the system. 2. The Free Software Movement, which began in the late 1980’s, lead to the Open Source Movement with the launching of the GNU/Linux project by Richard Stallman. Stallman played a key role in the notion of freely shared source code for software development. The term “free software” in the Free Software Movement referred to the freedom of software exchange and modification, not to any monetary freedom. Both the Free Software Movement and…

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