History Of English Language And Its Influence Essay examples

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History of English language and Its Influence in Classic Literature
English is a unique and modern language. In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau, “For most people residing in the United States, English is the only language spoken in the home” (2015). The Bureau further reports, that although English is the primary language of choice for most U.S. citizens, however, there are many languages besides English, spoken in homes across the nation. What is fascinating about English, is that it is influenced by several different languages and cultures; and new words are created daily. The terms: Bureau, Café, and Bouquet are only a few examples of French origin vocabulary, which is now incorporated into the English Language. The history of English language splits into three major time periods: Old English, Middle English, and Modern English; and in each of these categories, the development of classic literature has emerged and incorporates in modern English courses today.
According to British history, from around 500- 1100 AD, the British Empire suffered many invasions from foreign countries. In result of these invasions, the development of ethnic mixtures, native languages, and cultures emerged into the British economy. According to Elaine Treharne, a Humanities professor at Stanford, in 407 AD, the romans left the British Isles; meanwhile fighting resumed amongst the “Picts and the Scots”. Treharne states that “the fifth century also saw conquest and the gradual…

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