History Of Determinate Sentencing

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Before committing a crime, would you think about how much time you would spend incarcerated for it? During colonial times, criminal sentencing in America was introduced initially on retribution and then later on in prevention. By the late 1800s, sentencing in America had become dominated by rehabilitation. The goal of criminal punishment was to transform the offender by changing their ability to commit crime again. In order to accomplish this, sentencing needed to be uniquely flexible per individual. This led to “intermediate sentencing,” named because the exact term of punishment was uncertain. By this meaning an offender could be sentenced to 6 months, however that offender could spend 6 months or more, the sentence time was uncertain. …show more content…
Determinate sentencing was a definite sentencing that was not subject to review by a parole board or other agency. A sentence of 9 months in the county jail is determinate. The offender will not spend more than 9 months in a facility, in some cases offered parole after some time served. Different jurisdictions have adopted different sentencing terms, some in the case of overlap prisoners. For example, Detroit Michigan is one of the highest ranked cities for crimes. Their process of individuals would be much more faster than Wichita Kansas. This might mean that 2 offenders who commit the same crime, in Detroit and in Wichita may be released sooner in Detroit to avoid over capacity in their facilities. Now along with this example, determinate sentencing has set standards. Offenders sentenced to long terms in jail or prisons are offered “good time” credits. But this discount for good behavior is capped at 15%, so offenders must serve at least 85% of their sentence. With this “good time” reducement available, some facilities believe that drives inmates to serve safe and impacting time. With the hope of sentence reducement inmates riot less and become more adaptive to their restricted surroundings. Given those who do not spend safe time and are repeat offenders there are standards to their sentencing as

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