Essay about History And Its Impact On Our Future

1012 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
If there has ever been one subject in school that I can confidently say has always intrigued me, it would have to be History. It’s all too common that people are not interested in history because of the laborious dates, mass amounts of information, or even the conflicting opinions. I enjoy seeing how generations before us perceived our world, or how human beings before us handled pressing situations. History is the key to perfecting our future. As much as I relish History, there is one simple yet disappointing fact; I won’t remember everything that was taught to me. More than likely I will only remember about five percent of what is taught to me. But what if I could choose what that five percent is? What part of history would I choose to remember? Given I had this choice, without even thinking about it, I know that I would pick World War 2. It has always been the pinnacle of my history fascination. As a kid, I wasn’t as interested in World War 2, at least not in the way that I am now. I still remember two major factors that contributed towards my fascination for the Second World War. While I can’t recall the order the events took place, the sense of intrigue came from, finding out my great uncle fought in World War 2 and the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” While many people can probably say that they have an ancestor that fought in the war, this was mind-blowing news to me. Never did I expect to have an uncle, let alone from my mom’s side of the family, fight in one…

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