Essay on History And Evolution Of The Civil Right

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In my Mid-Term paper, I will explain what is the Civil Right. Such as, the history and evolution of the Civil Right. And what is the civil right purpose? Then, I will also talk about the challenges faced by some Civil Rights leaders, such as Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, Rosa Louis McCauley Parks and how the civil rights leader involved their community and how the stressed peaceful violence. Finally, I will explain what is the EECO (The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and why we do need that law.
Historically, to understand the Civil Right movement, we need to go back. Findlay had written an article about the timeline events of the Civil Right act. Findlay wrote that” On December 18, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln 's abolished slavery, after the ratify, the 13th amendment, that was 153 years ago. The civil rights movement had brought clarification upon the slavery segregation laws.” They are also saying, “in 1963 Martin Luther King, Jr delivers his famous speech: “I have a Dream” in front of hundreds of thousands of people in the March on Washington.” Furthermore, as Findlay argues, in the same year” Equal Pay Act of 1963 passed by Congress, requires that employees under the fair labor standards act and other give equal pay for equal work regardless of the sex. As an employee and women, this law will protect us.
In 1955, a woman asked on the bus to give up her seat to a white person and to move towards the back. The woman refused to do so, and they took her…

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