History 11 Essay

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England had their own troubles at that time. There were international concerns to take care and therefore the need to unite the colonies is one of the priorities in strengthening the country's defense and economy. The Dominion of New England was an effort to achieve an increased authority over the provinces.

There were signs for the impending failure of England's plan towards increasing control over the colonies. First, because of the distance of the North America from England and the failure of the crown to foresee the growth of their political system. Second, the growing self-sufficiency of the colonies led them to learn how to effectively run
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Andros was very much hated because instead of practicing diplomacy to win them, he enforced implementation of the English laws by dismantling the assemblies and forcing the people to pay taxes to England. He underestimated the knowledge, strength, and power of the colonies at this stage.

Trading in America had grown and business was thriving. The colonies through their representatives, strongly expressed their grievances against the earlier law that was passed: The Navigation Acts. England failed to listen to them. The orchestration of the Dominion of New England caused even more strain in the relationship between the colonists and the crown.

The political system that evolved from the colonies was very strong because the colonial leaders represent the interests of the people. Unlike the governors who were appointed whose concern geared towards one direction: worry and obey the voice of the English crown.

On the other hand, some historians suggest, that as Catholics-Charles II and James II particularly centered in Massachusetts to take apart the Puritans. In fact the Dominion "project" has so much impact among the life of the Puritans : Their town meetings were dismissed, Anglicans were assigned in the place of Puritan officers, Puritan Ministers or clergy were denied financial support, and land titles issued by Puritans were revoked.

In part I believe that James II was a threat not only

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