Historical Sites Importance

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Historical sites are locations where a country’s, community or people cultural, social, political and military history is preserved. The things are mostly preserved for their cultural heritage value, which in most cases is irreplaceable once lost. To effectively preserve the information for future generations, historical sites in most countries are normally protected by law. The sites are normally open for visits, people coming leaving with a wealth of information about the history of the place and an awesome feeling of reliving the past in the present.
According to Adams (2003), visiting historic sites can be a rewarding as an academic and recreation event. Proper preparation is therefore mandatory if one is to fully exploit the benefits
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It is found in coffee County in Tennessee. The park is located on a peninsula created by the Duck and the little duck river. The park boasts of several activities for guests such as hiking and learning historical culture on the Native Americans from the relics excavated by archeologists from the site. The main trail used for hiking follows the wall of the Old stone Fort. The park was named after the wall that is remains of the fort which Native Americans used that was used as a gathering point for most of their ceremonies.
Archeologists date the construction of the Old Stone fort to have taken place between 1,500 to 2000 years ago a period known as the middle woodland period in historical calendars. Native American used the area for over 500 years after the construction of the fort then abandoned it just before the arrival of European settlers in the area (Adams, 2003). The European settlers found the building there and were not sure what it was being used for. They thought it was a fort resulting in the building being misnamed a name still used to this
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I was so impressed by what I learnt by the manner in which the wall built several years ago are still standing. Walls constructed using just stone and mud to be so strong to survive all for over 2000 years is a factor I am still digesting. That showed how much knowledgeable the people were. With only crude tools and inferior technology they were able to achieve something that looks impossible because even with the modern technology cases of buildings built around the world collapsing on people during and few years after construction makes one marvel at the prowess of the native Americans. Information about the Native Americans mostly derived from the artifacts excavated from the site made me realize how the things we use in our daily lives can reveal alot about of activities and behavior. The most surprising thing about the park is the fact the name that has been used for a long period of time was based on a misguided fact from European settlers. The fact made me wonder the number of places within the country whose names were derived from false information like the case of Old Stone Fort.
Old stone fort park is a very beautiful place form both academic and recreational purposes. I can easily recommend a friend to visit the site and learn the history of the Native Americans who lived in the area. The experience on gets when learning and relating the information to actual thing seen is so fulfilling. Secondly, apart from

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