Hard Times By Charles Dickens Essay

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Historical info about the period of publication: In 1854, during the 19th century also known as the "Victorian Era" Utilitarianism and Political Economy were growing trends which Charles Dickens disagreed with greatly. Hard Times was written by Dickens to show and display the aspect of these economic theories in a more negative light. Louisa and Tom were raised under strict principles of economic theory as Dickens pictured it, and thus showed how this idea would ruin social and political ideals. This is why Tom and Louisa 's lives were overall difficult. Biographical Info about the author: Charles Dickens, was a British novelist born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, England. He wrote novels including, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, David …show more content…
Dickens often describes his characters in immense depth, sometimes beyond the needed extent. He also sets up the plot in extreme complexity and detail, usually beyond the needed point. An example that demonstrates the style: An example that displays this style is the opening scene. The classroom is described in extreme detail and the amount of information put into the description of Tom and Louisa 's history and backgrounds is beyond the needed point for the flow of the novel. Memorable …show more content…
Sparsit, Mr. Bounderby 's servant. She uses the staircase to picture Louisa cheating on Bounderby with Harthouse and thus Louisa walking down a long staircase into a pit of doom and sin because of her treachery. Stephen 's "old Hell shaft" is symbolic for him being confined and trapped by his marriage to Mrs. Blackpool similar to how the Hell shaft traps and eventually kills him. Lastly, are the "Fairy palaces and elephants." the narrator implies the factories look like Fairy palaces and with elephants in them at night when they are being lit up by the fire. Significance of the opening scene: The opening scene sets up the tone and mood for the rest of the novel. The idea heavily present in this scene is "fact over heart". This also follows with Dicken 's intentions of writing Hard Times, being to show the problems and unrealistic usage of some of the economic theories present in his day. Significance of the ending scene: Dickens writes, "Dear reader! It tests with you and me, whether, in our two fields of action, similar things shall be or not". (3.9) Dickens is attempting to persuade us, the reader, to understand that what happens to these fictional made-up characters does not matter, but instead to go out and fix the world ourselves. Possible Themes: Utilitarianism, Creativity, Family, Marriage, Wealth and Power,

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