Historical And Recent Psychological Research On The Events Of Real World Situations

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Ecological validity is the extent to which psychological research and experiments mirror the events of real world situations. This essay will present examples in historical and recent psychological research and evaluate the role of ecological validity in each. In doing so, other key elements to psychological research will also be approached. Firstly, this essay will look at the experiments of Bandura et al. who sought to investigate the effect of social learning and aggressive behaviour in children. This first topic will demonstrate the difficulties in achieving high ecological validity, and following this will look at the ethical concerns surrounding this research. Continuing with the topic of learning, this essay will consider the topic of behaviourism, an approach to psychology which is interested only in observable human behaviour. Many of the experiments carried out by Behaviourists were on animals so this essay will deal with the arguments for potential application to human behaviour. Finally, studies carried out on the subject of memory and information recall will show certain cases where ecological validity can be more successfully achieved, whilst again dealing with other important considerations for any research study.
Bandura et al. conducted experiments in 1963 to investigate to what degree children would copy aggressive behaviour that they observed through a ‘model’. Each child participated individually in one of four conditions that subjected them to differing…

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