Hispanic Immigrants And The United States Essay

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In recent years, the Hispanic immigration in the United States has become a great factor in the United States being that the country counts with a great number of Hispanics immigrants all over the country. The immigration always has been controversial in the United States given that the country has experienced the coming of Hispanic immigrants from different parts of Latin America since the past few years. Hispanic immigrants immigrate to the United States in search of a better life, jobs, and new opportunities. However, when they get here they face many problems in different social areas as well as in the American society. The negative view of Hispanic immigrants is unwarranted because they play an important role in the economic, political, and legal systems in the country.
Immigrants are part important to the economy of the United States. They emphasize the labor area in the country (Admin par. 3). The workforce of immigrants contributes positively to the economy of the United States. Given that many immigrants work for long hours in jobs to generate new business development and their labor is vital to the American’s economy. More Hispanic immigrants are generating new business in the market leading them to create and preserved the American jobs that benefit the economy (Jakeman and Warner par. 4). Recent reports made by the Association for a New American Economy reveal that the Hispanic community is known as the one that has helped to stimulate economic growth in the…

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