Hindu Widows Culture Values : Movie, Water, By Deepa Mehta Essay

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Hindu Widows Culture Values

Picture yourself getting married at a young age, to a man you might not even know of. It

might not sound too no normal to us but to many Indians it 's quite common. In the movie, Water,

by Deepa Mehta, it presents the corruption and abuse on how they treat females in the Hindu

civilization. These ladies are known as widows and have to live in misery. A widow is a woman

who has lost her spouse by death and has not remarried.They usually are looked down upon,

treated miserably and even have to turn into prostitutes depending on hierarchical system.

In the law of Manu, Chuiya and Kalyani demonstrates the causes and effects on the traditional

and religious values on Hindu widows.

“The law of manu, was a hybrid moral-religious-law code and one of the first written law

codes of Asia. In spite of its age, it has sustained paramountcy in the Hindu culture. It was also

the code of conduct for inter-caste relationships in India” (Duhaime 2008). There are obligations

for each of the members in the social class such as forms of marriage, hospitality and funerary

rites, dietary laws, rules for women and wives, and royal law. Indian had unequal laws relating to

females especially towards marriage and inequality. Rules was not fair especially with the

ladies especially becoming a widow. Just having that title was not right and ladies in that system

did not have an opportunity to experience life. Widow was controlled by…

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