Hindu Widows Analysis

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Hindu Widows Culture Values

Picture yourself getting married at a young age, to a man you might not even know of. It

might not sound too no normal to us but to many Indians it 's quite common. In the movie, Water,

by Deepa Mehta, it presents the corruption and abuse on how they treat females in the Hindu

civilization. These ladies are known as widows and have to live in misery. A widow is a woman

who has lost her spouse by death and has not remarried.They usually are looked down upon,

treated miserably and even have to turn into prostitutes depending on hierarchical system.

In the law of Manu, Chuiya and Kalyani demonstrates the causes and effects on the traditional

and religious values on Hindu widows.

“The law of
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There are obligations

for each of the members in the social class such as forms of marriage, hospitality and funerary

rites, dietary laws, rules for women and wives, and royal law. Indian had unequal laws relating to

females especially towards marriage and inequality. Rules was not fair especially with the

ladies especially becoming a widow. Just having that title was not right and ladies in that system

did not have an opportunity to experience life. Widow was controlled by higher caste systems

which made things so rough of them.

Chuiya is a young girl, noticed her father was sending her somewhere strange which was

the widow home. She was told, she was married but living with her parents at first, becoming a

widow. Sadly, her husband was way older then the young girl but passed away due to his

sickness. When he passed away, she went back to her parents but could not stay for long. She

had no other choice to live with the rest of the widows but before that she was sent to Banaras,

the holy city. The whole time while Chuyia was at the widow home, she thought her mother will

eventually come take her back home. She did not know that the rule was that she had to
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Secondly, to kill herself or to live a discipline and lonely

life amongst her own kind. A new law in India, allows windows to get remarried but most of the

higher castes will disagree.

Kalyani and Narayan who are both young and single. Kalyani, the young lady is known

as a prostitute but always wanted to find love and get married. It was not as simple because her

title as a prostitute was affecting her extremely. She found Narayan attractive and wanted to

marry him. At first, she avoided him because she did not want get herself in trouble. But Narayan

was after her, after, he first saw her for the first time. They both found each other attractive.When

Chuyia told the other widows, they were shocked and some were even disappointed. Madhumati,

felt that she had to cut Kalyani hair because she did not approve for her to get married. Even

though her hair got cut off, nothing stopped her from wanting to marry Narayan. She later found

out some bad news which made her want to kill herself. Narayan’s father made Madhumati to

use Kalyani as a prostitute, and when she found out she felt disgusted. His parents did not want

him to marry her because of her title but he did not care about that. She felt like there was

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