`` Hills Like White Elephants `` By Ernest Hemingway Essay

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Working Title Abortion has long been a controversial topic and highly debated. For some people, the baby is living at any point during a pregnancy, and to abort it would be consider murder; though many others believe it is a woman’s right to choose before the baby can survive outside the uterus. The social stigma placed on the women that consider abortion is immense, and it is extremely hard for these women to discuss it openly. Hills Like White Elephants follows an American and young woman that are traveling by train to have an abortion performed, during a rest stop they attempt to have a discussion about it, having difficulty finding the right words for each other. Ernest Hemingway finesses his way through this contentious debate with the use of dialogue, symbolism, and conflict showcasing the lack of communication society has towards the issue of abortion. The dialogue of Hills Like White Elephants plays an important role in the story, which consists entirely of a seemingly objective documentation of their words and actions during their forty-minute wait for the train (Holladay para.1). As Jig and the American are sitting at the train station they attempt to have a conversation about the abortion; they are traveling to have performed in Madrid. Jig begins by saying “They look like white elephants,” (Hemingway p. 591) referring to the hills in the background. Though, the American does not seem to follow, judging by his comment “I’ve never seen one,” the man drank his…

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