`` Hills Like White Elephants `` By E. Hemingway Essay

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In the short story “Hills like White Elephants” by E. Hemingway, you are introduced to Jig and her boyfriend. It is assumed that jig is pregnant, and she is facing the decision of abortion. Jig is facing morality and has to make the decision to be morally correct, or morally incorrect. Her boyfriend is encouraging her to have the operation, but she is questioning whether she should or not. Abortion today is one of the most argued over and discussed topics. Decided whether it is moral or immoral is strictly up to the individual person. To the boyfriend, he obviously sees the operation as insignificant, and not morally wrong. ““It’s really a simple operation jig” the man said “it’s really not an operation at all”” (E. Hemingway). While you see that Jig is questioning whether it is morally correct, and if it is the decision for her. In the story you find that she is willing to go against her beliefs of morality just to obtain happiness in her relationship. ““And if I do, you’ll be happy and things will go back to the way they were and you’ll love me?”” (E. Hemingway).The definition of morality in the Webster dictionary is “beliefs about what right behavior is and what wrong behavior is; the degree to which something is right and good: the moral goodness or badness of something.” From just this short definition we come to realize that again morality comes down to beliefs and opinions. What you, as the individual find to be true and right. Some people might say that morality can…

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