High School System In Vietnam Essay

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Have you ever thought what the differences are between Asia and America? Vietnam, which is the country in Asia, compared to United States, which located in America, are different in many aspects such as size, population, weather, economy and especially there is a gap between the public high school system in Vietnam and the system in the United States. The purpose of teaching everywhere is similar: to educate youth. However, there are many different aspects that make each of the systems special. Specifically, the public high school in Vietnam and the United States are unique in the schedule, organization, and rules in the high school system.
The first difference between the high school in Vietnam and the United States is the schedule. Although
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In Vietnam, classes are divided by grades which are from grade ten to grade twelve. Unlike Vietnam, the classes in the United States are separated by subjects for students from grade nine to grade twelve. Furthermore, the size of each class is also different. In Vietnam, there are thirty-five to forty-five students in a class, and students have the same schedule as each other. Nevertheless, the class size is smaller, only have twenty to thirty students in each class, and they have different schedules in the high school in the United States. Moreover, students in Vietnam sit on a bench with other students. Also, they have to stay in their classroom and wait for the teachers to come in each period. In contrast, high school in the United States has chairs for each student; they are required to go to the teachers’ room for each period. The ways of the organization in both countries are opposite. The differences between the organization and size in public high school in Vietnam and the United States create diversity and variation within each …show more content…
The disparate between two systems of the high school in both countries conceive the exclusive in the schedule, organization and rules in Asia and America. Specifically, schedule of classes and school year make the distinct in schedules; classes division, class size and the ways of teaching create the unique in the organization; and the rules of the school is build up by tuition and uniform. I am very lucky because I have had the opportunity to study in both unique countries. Both public high school systems have made me become who I am today. The education in both high school systems always create and help people to attend their

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