High School Sports : An Integral Part Of My Life Essay

2315 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
High School Sports Sports have played an integral part of my life from as early as I can remember to the present day. I remember playing “laundryball” in my bedroom; this was a game created by my parents to trick me into putting away my dirty clothes. My laundry bin sat under a basketball hoop which caught all my dirty rolled up tops and bottoms as I made a three pointer. And although basketball was not my favorite sport, I enjoyed throwing my clothes across the room. I know I was as young as five years old when this invented game began. Moments like these transitioned seamlessly to my first experiences with pseudo organized athletics – neighbor girls in the yard, meeting friends at the park, playing like the unsupervised can play. From there, the step to “real” teammates and “real” coaches were nearly too good to be true for me. I remember my first team uniform for my first soccer team, a pink shirt that read “Princess” on the front and a little number “9” on the back. This shirt made me feel more than alive and was like a badge of honor; I wore it with pride a little girl could not possibly comprehend. I loved the sport of soccer; a sport that is played only with your two feet. Soccer made me feel good about myself and I loved being rewarded emotionally for my efforts. The elementary years gave away to the junior high years, then I transitioned into high school sports at Odessa High School, home of the Bronchos. I competed in two sports, cross country and soccer. I have…

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