High School Is An International Baccalaureate World School And A Texas School Of Excellence

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What if each person walked around the earth naked? With no clothes, accessories or belongings to indicate social class? This is would be interesting to see because in the documentary, People Like Us, it was seen how much people judge each other by their outward appearance and personal belongings. The first thought about someone is made with the observers eyes, that first meeting could forever change the way you see that person. With that first encounter you walk away with a preconceived idea of their class level, income and social skills. All humans judge and evaluate each person by their outward appearance. Keeping this in mind, is there a situation that the judgment stops and we close our eyes to outward appearance? I believe the higher atop the social ladder you are, the more you care about your own own status. Even at the young time of high school students begin to judge each other, especially the more fortunate ones. Anderson High School is an International Baccalaureate World School and a Texas School of Excellence. These titles make it a prestigious school and one many children of high class families would attend. In the video there were many girls who said that they felt their school was very upper middle class and had formed cliques in school. In the school itself there was a social class system that was made. There were the rich, white girls and the jocks, and then the nerds, band geeks and poor kids. The rich girls arrived to school in lavish, expensive cars that…

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