High School Creative Writing Class Essay

1310 Words Apr 19th, 2015 null Page
Since my high school Creative Writing class will be an elective class that will consist of students in tenth through twelfth grade, I will need to find ways to bring student fun into the learning as much as possible. I have found that students love to eat and socialize, so I will include food, props, and games whenever possible. Difficulty will occur as the norm for class size at my school is thirty-two to thirty-six students, and not all students want to be in the classes where they are assigned. Since a text will not be available for the students, handouts and overhead projections of terminology and examples of writings will be needed. Keeping the class light and the learning fun and engaging at all times will be my goals. Elective classes rely on word of mouth to keep them going year after year. I teach in a fairly conservative community. While I give my student some leeway in word usage, I have to be careful of the pieces I select for class discussion and the depth of analysis. I can give them websites that may or may not have mature subject matter to pursue on their own time. My class will meet three days per week. While Monday classes only last fifty minutes, Wednesday and Friday classes last ninety minutes. The following is a sampling of detailed items for the first several classes. This will illustrate types of activities, exercises, and assignments used in my creative writing unit on poetry and flash fiction. The poetry unit will be taught first to expose students…

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